About ROQ

ROQ is a managed backend for multi-tenant SaaS applications. It enables you to access your database directly from the client side without worrying about permissions and security. Other Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) solutions exist primarily for mobile or single-page applications and lack support for complex use cases involving multiple user roles or organizations. ROQ, however, is tailored for multi-tenant applications such as B2B SaaS, Customer Portals, or B2B2C Marketplaces. It simplifies data layer configuration and enhances user experience and security with its advanced features:

  • Secure access to data from the client-side
  • Managed Postgres database with instant REST API
  • Authentication with 2FA and social logins
  • Organizations (multi-tenancy)
  • Roles & Permissions (RBAC)
  • File handling
  • Emails

Supported Frameworks

ROQ works with the most popular JS frameworks: