Uploading and storing files

ROQ SDK for BaaS simplifies file uploading and storage for SaaS applications. Developers can directly implement file upload features based on the front-end SDK using any web framework. For more information on uploading files, please see the documentation section on uploading files.

Files uploaded to the ROQ Platform are stored on Scaleway Object Storage (opens in a new tab). The data center is located in Paris.

Downloading files

Downloading files is a straightforward process. However, it's restricted by user access or permissions. For more information and code, please go to download files documentation.

File management and access control

You can define permissions of files using ROQ's access management feature. Files are always owned by the user who uploaded them. You can restrict access to this user or enable users of the same tenant to download the file.

File visibility

A file can be either public or private:

  • Public means that there is a permanent URL that anyone can use.
  • Private files can only be accessed by users who are allowed to do so.

The visibility of a file can be changed in ROQ Console or via makeFilePublic() or makeFilePrivate() APIs.

File handling

The SDK for ROQ BaaS provides easily accessible file-handling APIs for client-side developers. For more information, visit the file handling documentation.