User Profile



With ROQ BaaS, you can manage user profiles in your app. The user profile is a set of information about the user, such as name, email, phone number, address, etc.


Read the user profile API documentation here.

Managing user profiles

ROQ BaaS SDK provides API to query and manage user profiles. The other way to manage user profiles is through the ROQ Console.

Managing user profiles using SDK

The typical task of managing a user's profile involves displaying their profile information, providing the ability to edit the profile, including an avatar uploader and then update the profile information.

This managing user profile documentation section describes how to manage user profiles using ROQ BaaS SDK.

Managing user profiles using ROQ Console

User profiles can be managed using the ROQ console or SDK, which provides a component and API for profile information management.

To manage user profiles from ROQ Console, go to the Manage Data section and select Users. Choose on of the user to edit the profile information.

managing user profile