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Getting Started

Getting started

ROQ enables you to generate a backend SaaS application that serves as a Backend service or BaaS API. With this API, you can further develop your front-end application using any JavaScript framework.

Generate app

To generate a new BaaS API, please follow these steps:

Use ROQ Console

Start your journey by signing up at the ROQ Console (opens in a new tab).

register roq console

Create a new application

ROQ Console will guide you through the process of creating a new application. There are two fields you need to fill in:

  • Name of your application: This name will be used as application identifier on the ROQ Console.
  • Tenant name: Tenant name could be company, organization, team, and etc.

roq console new user

To add a new appication just click the + Add Application button.

Generate application

The app generation typically takes a few minutes. Once complete, a checklist will guide you through configuring the application. You may mark it as done if you have already configured it.

generated app user checklist

Continue development

By default, ROQ Console will create a Local Development environment. What you need the most for the development is the environment variables. You can copy and use these environment variables to start a new development using any ROQ's supported JavaScript frameworks, such as Next.js, Nuxt.js, React + Express.js, Vue.js, SvelteKit, and RedwoodJS.

generate new application


Before you publish your application, make sure to configure the Domain and URLs section in ROQ Console (opens in a new tab) to meet your deployment environment and then copy the new environment variables from ROQ Console to your project .env file.

Technology stack

ROQ's app generator builds a fully functional application based on your input. The resulting application follows the best practices of the underlying frameworks. If you are familiar with them, there won't be any surprises.


Since you will develop an application using any supported JavaScript frameworks and using ROQ BaaS API, your application can be easily deployed to any PaaS solution like Vercel (opens in a new tab), Render (opens in a new tab), Scalingo (opens in a new tab).

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