User Registration


Login & registration form

You can change the look and feel of your login and registration form page in ROQ Console (opens in a new tab) and go to the AuthenticationFields menu. In this page you can customize the logo, favicon, font, and colors of your login and registration form page.


The customization supports two modes: Light Mode and Dark Mode. Each mode has different settings and values. To apply changes to both style modes, you need to set values for each mode.

Fields and background

To change the background color of the login and registration form page, you can change the Background field. Also you can change the color of the fields by changing the Fields field.

custom fields and background colors

Font, logo, and favicon

The registration or login logo can be customized by changing the Logo field with the URL of your logo and you can see changes immediately in the preview. Also the favicon is easy to customize by changing the default Favicon as well as the Font.

custom auth logo