ROQ provides a unified way to send emails utilizing multiple providers like Sendgrid, Mandrill, Mailgun, and others. The email functionality is used by other features of ROQ, for instance, confirming new user accounts.

Integration with email service providers

To activate email integrations, in the ROQ Console, go to IntegrationsEmail.

email integration

Choose any email providers you want to use and fill in the required information. For instance, select SendGrid as the email provider and fill the form with these required fields:

  • Api Access Key from your SendGrid account.
  • From Email.
  • The Sender Name.

email provider

Email templates and customization

The email sent to the user is based on the template. The template is a simple HTML file with placeholders for the data that the ROQ will fill in. The template can be customized in the ROQ Console. Please read this guide for more information.


The ROQ Platform offers a simple way to send emails with multiple providers through the ROQ Mails API.

Sending mails

Sending emails using API is a simple process. Please read the guide for code examples and more information.

How to use mails SDK

To prepare and use mails SDK, please read the SDK documentation.